A Driving Rage is an area inside the Golf Course designed to train the swing and improve golfing techniques. This is always an option to consider as it allows possibilities that would probably not be done on a normal golf course.

For a warm up golf match or just training session; for beginners or professionals, a driving range can be what you are looking for!

1.  Practice, Practice, Practice

In golf it takes a lot of practice to achieve a good swing. This space will be the ideal place to practice a lot and without feeling pressure to have someone waiting or to continue the golf tournment. Here, you can hit as many shots as you like, at your own pace!

2.  No competition here

When you are playing in a course, even if you don't want to, sometimes other players feel the need to keep up with scores of their pairs. This creates a competition that can be intimidating, especially for beginners or casual players. In a driving range you avoid such annoyances, because there is no competition goal and all players are focused on their own technique.

3.  Calm and attention to details

Playing a full round takes a lot of time, even if the course is small. It’s not only about the time you take to swing, but also the time you take reaching every place and preparing your equipment. In a driving range, you continuously hit balls, being already prepared and set for each one, giving you the opportunity to be more attentive to other aspects such as your swing or with the clubs that are most suitable for you.

4.    Low Price 

A full around is a lot more expensive than a driving range, even though prices vary according to different places. A driving range allows golfers on a tighter budget to practice without spending more than they can afford.

5.    Features and amenities

Some driving ranges have features that golf courses have missing, like night time illumination or support infrastructures.

The night time illumination offers the chance to play after hours, the covered space allows a more comfortable golf practice regardless of the season. You can also find driving ranges with separate spaces for each player, practicing without constraints, or facilities such as a sports club to take a well-deserved break.