Because Summer is the time of the year to engage in activities, we don’t normally choose the rest of the year, here’s a list of the best festivals in the Algarve, during the high (and crazy!) season. Music festivals, food fairs, there’s a whole array of either modern, historical or traditional events to enrich your holidays with a healthy dose of fun.


Porches Craft Beer Fest – Vila Vita Beirgarten

What: Annual traditional beer festival.

When: June 8th and 9th

For whom: Beer, food and music lovers.

Ticketed entry.


Carvoeiro Black & White Night – 15 June

What: This party marks the beginning of Summer. Several stages, live music, street food and drink.

When: June 15th

For whom: party people.

Free entry.


Festival Med, Loulé

What: World Music festival with 10 stages over 4 days.

When: June 27th to June 30th

For whom: hipsters and music lovers in general.

Ticketed entry.


Alameda Beer Fest

What: Beer festival with hundreds of beer varieties.

When: July 4th to July 6th

For whom: party goers and beer lovers.


Lagos Food Fest

What: food festival.

When: July 11th to July 14th 

For whom: foodies and dance lovers.


Lota Cool Market, Portimão

What: 5 days entertainment on riverbank.

When: July 18th to July 20th

For whom: art, design, gourmet and street food lovers.

Free entry.


Afro Nation Festival, Praia da Rocha - 1 - 4 August

What: beach festival dedicated to urban music.

When: August 1st to August 4th

For whom: afrobeat, hip hop, R&B and dancehall music lovers.

Ticketed entry.


Sardine Festival, Portimão

What: as the name states, it’s a festival to eat as much sardines as you possibly can.

When: August 7th to August 11th

For whom: sardine and fish lovers.

Ticketed entry.


Olhão Seafood Festival – Festival do Marisco

What: renowned seafood festival, ideal to pile plates of you seafood of choice.

When: August 9th to August 13th

For whom: fish and seafood hugely aficionados.

Ticketed entry.


Silves Medieval Festival - 9 - 18 August

What: fun medieval fair in the historical centre of the city with medieval recreation.

When: August 9th to August 18th

For whom: history and medieval times lovers, people who like to have fun.

Ticketed entry.


Medieval Days in Castro Marim

What: a recreation of medieval days: tournaments, horseback, street theatre performances.

When: August 28th to September 1st

For whom: medieval times lovers.

Ticketed entry from 3€.


Festival Didgeridoo FATT - Tavira - 29 August - 1 September

What: a festival that promotes Australian aboriginal culture, focusing on its activities in the didgeridoo.

When: August 29th to September 1st

For whom: music, dance and workshop lovers.

Ticketed entry.


Festival F, Faro

What: lusophone and hispanic music, stand up comedy and visual arts festival.

When: September 5th to September 7th

For whom: concert enthusiasts and lovers of Portuguese music.

Ticketed entry.


The BPM Festival Portugal, Portimão

What: house and techno festival, 4 days, 8 venues, day and night.

When: September 12th to September 15th 

For whom: lovers of music and mega parties.

Ticketed entry.