Amendoeira Golf Resort was listed in 28th place in the Top 100 Resorts Continental Europe, by the Golf World. Golf courses, accommodation, setting, and non-golf amenities were considered in the selection criteria to define the finest golf resorts in Continental Europe, by a panel of 7 jurors.

The results were the following:

  • Courses 33.1 (market out of 40)
  • Accommodation 17.7 (out of 20)
  • Amenities 14.5 (out of 20)
  • Setting 16.8 (out of 20)
  • TOTAL 82.1 (out of 100)


“A significant rise for this Algarve resort in the hills above charming Armação de Pêra. It has a Top 100 course in the Faldo, which is complemented by the O’Connor – and they are so close in quality that some prefer the latter. The accommodation is in the form of apartments and luxury villas.”

Thank you, Golf World! It’s a pleasure to be on your list.