Kidz Club

Kidz Club

The Kidz Club

The Amendoeira Golf Resort offers a range of open-ended activities for children aged between 3 and 12, free of charge.

At the Amendoeira Kidz Club, children can try their hand at face painting or take part in an outdoor treasure hunt. Simple arts and crafts using everyday materials do wonders for the imagination, and youngsters can spend hours making all sorts of colourful items to show proud parents.

Children can stay all day from 9am to 5pm or for just half a day, with or without lunch.

The Kidz Club offers plenty of toys, games and puzzles to keep tiny minds busy. Amendoeira Kidz Club is centrally located and run by our enthusiastic experienced team who will keep your children entertained.

This summer kids club is available in August - Monday to Sunday.

See the programme here.

Kidz Club #1
Kidz Club #1
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